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Technology at Highest Peak with Sierra Video’s Viper™ Routing Switcher

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Technology at Highest Peak with Sierra Video’s Viper™ Routing Switcher
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Technology at Highest Peak with Sierra Video’s Viper™ Routing Switcher

Nestled among the mountain peaks and tall buildings in Denver, CO, is a new training center that is home to one of Sierra Video’s most powerful switching technologies, the Viper 6464V5.

A learning center for one of Colorado’s major energy companies, the facility boasts five training labs with state-of-the-art electronic presentation systems. Visitors enjoy video and graphics showcased on dual projection screens and distributed though the presentation system.
According to Mary Hood, CEO of Digital Roads Incorporated, the professional audio/video installation company, the Sierra Video Viper 6464V5 routing switcher was the ideal choice for this system because of its bandwidth and reliability. “We were able to design a system that was all HD video (RGBHV) using the Viper to meet the customer’s needs and budget,” added Hood. Because of its modular configuration, the Viper will accommodate system growth, up to 64x64 in each frame. Hood noted that as the high-definition standard grows, the company will be able to expand easily with the Viper at the heart of the system.

The Viper resides in a nearby control room in a rack configuration, along with several Kramer audio and computer graphics video distribution amplifier-the VM-3A, VP-200xln, and VP-3xl. The DAs and all sources, including VCRs, DirecTV receivers, DVDs, PCs, laptop and desktop computers, IP cameras, DVD changers and audio equipment, feed into the Viper and can be switched to any of the displays throughout the center.
“We did extensive training with the technology team at the client’s location to help them get comfortable using the system-they have been extremely pleased with its ease of use, and they are excited at the upgrade potential of the system as they continue to grow,” Hood stated. The Sierra Video Viper routing switcher has indeed taken training and high definition video to new heights in Denver.